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What does Chartered Physiotherapist mean?

It's important to be able to identify the different qualifications available in the Physiotherapy industry to ensure you are getting the highest standard of physiotherapy intervention for you and your animal. As a human patient of physiotherapy, or as an animal owner, it remains your responsibility to check the credentials of a practitioner before they assess or treat you or your animal.



Chartered Physiotherapist means I am a qualified member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP). This means, for me personally, I studied at university for 3 years in human Physiotherapy - BSc (Hons) and completed 1000 hours of placements in physiotherapy settings, alongside university lectures and practical learning.Therefore, by being part of the CSP, I have committed myself to providing high quality services and protecting the quality of physical treatments. Members must adhere to CSP's high standards of practice and competencies, while ensuring to maintain continuous professional development (CPD) and receiving the latest, most up-to-date physiotherapy research and news.



The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)  regulates health and care professionals in the UK. Every physiotherapist must be registered to the HCPC, and you can check the HCPC register on their website to see if a physiotherapist is registered with them. The public is protected by the HCPC only registering professionals that meet their high standards of training, skills and behaviour. 

Georgia Brown Physiotherapy is a Category A member of The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy (ACPAT). Members must be CSP registered in order to join ACPAT. Therefore every Veterinary (animal) Physiotherapist that is a member of ACPAT, must also hold university-level qualifications in Human Physiotherapy. This ensures that your physio achieved a high level of practical and academic training via a 3 year human degree, followed by a 2 or 3 year Masters degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy to qualify as a Chartered Physiotherapist in human and veterinary physiotherapy.

Why is this important?

Unlike in human physiotherapy, the title "Animal Physiotherapist" or "Veterinary Physiotherapist" is not protected by law (we're working on it!!), so technically (and scarily) anyone can call themselves a Veterinary/Animal Physiotherapist. Therefore, by choosing Georgia Brown Physiotherapy, you can be assured to have the highest quality, highest qualified, gold standard of physiotherapy for you and your animal. 

Additional to the above registrations and governing bodies, Georgia Brown Physiotherapy is also a proud member of The Register of Musculoskeletal Practitioners (RAMP). This is a register of professionals who have signed up to take responsibility to attain and maintain gold standards of practice in animal musculoskeletal treatment. You do not have to be a human physiotherapist or member of CSP to be part of RAMP, however the practitioners still need to hold high standards of Veterinary/Animal qualifications in order to be a member, including providing proof of keeping up with CPD and adhering to high standards of practice. RAMP is also dedicated to working towards protecting the title "Veterinary Physiotherapist" to ensure only highly, appropriately qualified clinicians are able to call themselves by this title.

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