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Physiotherapy for Dogs/Small Animals

​Common conditions that physiotherapy can support with for small animals are (but not limited to):

- Stifle disorders (such as cruciate ligament rupture, patella luxation or arthritis)

- Dysplasia (such as hip or elbow)

- Spinal conditions 

- Neurological conditions 

- Post-Surgical conditions such as soft tissue, orthopaedic or neurological 

- "Prehab" (rehabilitation to delay or even prevent need for surgery, or to condition/strengthen for improved post-operative outcome)

- Pain management 

- Performance/working dogs management 

- Age-related changes associated with the ageing animal, such as struggling to complete daily tasks, stiff movements, reduced balance


What do sessions consist of?

- Thorough subjective and objective assessment

- Manual techniques such as joint or soft tissue mobilisations, massage, trigger point release, myofascial release, stretches etc

- Electrotherapies such as TENS device, muscle stimulation device, LASER, Photizo LED light therapy device (soon introducing INDIBA radiofrequency - stay tuned!)

- Tailored exercise programme completed in session with equipment, and one to be completed at home

- Gait re-education

- Advice to manage your animal's condition between physiotherapy sessions

Physio dog
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